The design and manufacture of the panels is based on interpretations of design classics built up in layers to form three dimensional forms.  Firstly, images are located or made and turned into CAD/CAM production drawings using the program 2D Design.  Layout and detail are carefully considered on each design to give technical understanding and appropriate three dimensional shadow through relief.  The initial drawing is then copied and/or separated into a series of layers and details to build up the concept by cutting layers of MDF using a laser cutter which are then adhered to a back board.  The whole panel is then given multiple coats of matt Valspar paint to give the impression that it is cast from solid. Subsequently, an individually made and coded aluminium ID plate is pop riveted to the bottom right hand corner.  Finally, an identification sticker with design type, Valspar colour reference, manufacture coding and contact details is applied to the reverse.  All panels are hand finished and are high quality products.