Tim Masters was born in London.

At school he was interested in two dimensional imagery, technical drawing and listening to music.  After leaving, he studied civil engineering and then architecture at Thames Polytechnic and the University of Greenwich, before working in Ashford, Kent and London respectively.

In the mid 1990s he qualified as a teacher of Design Technology at Goldsmiths’ College and still teaches at a private school in South London.  Following an idea to manufacture a Le Corbusier and Scandinavian Modernism inspired wall panel using a laser cutter, he began to produce architectural themed, technically laid out images of design icons.  The concepts are interpretations of buildings, vehicles and products that use a contour system of built up layers which are then finished to appear to be cast from solid.  Each piece is individually coded, stamped and referenced with an aluminium ID plate.

He lives with his wife Clare, son Frank and dog Gus(tav) in North Kent.

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